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What We Do

We work with wineries to develop a product offering and story line.

We Learn About Your Winery And Consumer Experience

Benefits to the Winery

An additional route to market.


Wine Leverage is an additional route to market with no impact on your other channels of distribution.


Our calls are warm conversations…not sales calls. Whether we make a sale or not, we raise brand awareness and enhance brand imagery.

Long Tail

Specialty wines are our specialty, which we sell well. “Specialty” can mean verticals, large formats, hold-backs or other types of limited inventory. We can sell them literally down to the last bottle.


On a net dollar yield to the winery basis, we are above the midpoint between a winery FOB sale and a winery direct sale.


We leave no electronic pricing footprint which is visible or traceable or harmful in any way to the winery’s online image.


Campaigns generate increased traffic at wineries, both electronic and in person.

DTC Observations

The importance of direct to consumer sales.

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Alex and John Martini

Alex & John Martini

John had 25 years of experience in the wine industry, having held senior management positions at Heublein Wines, E. & J. Gallo, Domaine Chandon and Trinchero Family Estates as well as consulting for a number of super/ultra-premium wineries. Most recently John was President of Pepper Tree, Briar Ridge and Tallavera Grove wineries in Australia. John's career emphasis has been in marketing, sales and strategic planning, with an emphasis on brand and company turn-arounds, repositioning and re-staging. John had over 25 years of experience in winery direct sales management, strategy development and techniques.

John began his career in packaged goods food and was a co-founder of Breakthrough Software and Joe Boxer (underwear). John held a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of the Pacific, an MBA from Northwestern University and he attended the advanced management program at INSEAD in Avon, France.

With John’s passing in 2021, Wine Leverage is now run by his son, Alex Martini, who looks to continue his father’s legacy and vision.

Jefferson St. Napa California 94558

MON - FRI: 10:00am - 6:00pm